Singka Sikan… Singka Tibe Mountain Bike Trail Challenge!

Singka Sikan Singka Tibe Bike Trail Challenge 2012

An open invitation to all mountain bikers to join

Singka Sikan… Singka Tibe!

2012 Mountain Bike Trail Challenge

December 16, 2012 (Sunday) 6:30 AM
Magalang, Pampanga Municipal Hall

Limited to 1,000 participants only!

Singka Sikan… Singka Tibe in Tagalog means Pinaka Malakas… Pinaka Matibay

Junior – 18 below
Executive A – 19 to 29
Executive B – 30 to 39
Masters – 40 and above

For inquiries and more info, please contact:
Neil: 0933.467.2722 (Sun)