Race Results of Philmofo XCM MIM 2011

Philmofo XCM 2011
Race results of Philmofo XCM: Marikina to Infanta Marikina Loop held last August 21, 2011.

Philmofo XCM - 120km All Mens

1Potato Corner10:09
2Fiber Health A10:19
37-11 Road Racing10:53
4Fil Inspect / CMTB 110:57
5Crest Pursuit11:00
7Adventure Riders of Ilocos 212:05
8Golds Gym12:12
10Tres Padyakeros12:33
11Teka Teka12:37
12Reckless Imprudence12:44
13Easi Bikers 112:57
14CMTB 213:03
15Mountain Goats Adventureros13:15
16Fiber Health B13:19
17Zenday Design - PMTB Rejects13:24
19DNF/CMTB 313:40
21Slice N Dice14:40
22Alagad ni Itsder14:50
23Retarded Monkeys14:55
24TGP Trek14:55
26Padyak Monyo15:18
27Tugs Tugs15:35
28Saling Pusa15:50
29D Totoys16:05
30SNY Customs16:15
31Cadel Ewan16:20
32Non Pro Athletes16:25

Philmofo XCM - 120km Mixed

1Euphonical Condyles11:24
2Philmofo Multisports 111:25
3Crest Pursuit11:36
4Tandang Sora Cycling Club12:40
5Timex TBB13:51
6Bike Campers13:56

Philmofo XCM - 200km All Mens

1John Wilkie Team Bato13:18
2Crest Pursuit13:39
3Fleet Marine14:15
4John Wilkie On on One14:35
5John Wilkie Two Bottles14:55
6Padyak Columbia15:29
7JFK Adobo15:54
8Zenday Design - Imaginet15:59
9Adventure Riders of Ilocos 116:04
10Teka Teka / Loopers16:30
13EASI Bikers 217:57
14Lpedal 118:16
15Cross Logistics 218:51
16Philmofo Multisport 220:09

Philmofo XCM - 200km Mixed

1All Terra 7-1113:44

Bisaklat: Gulong at Dunong

Bisaklat: Gulong at Dunong

11 September, 2011

Antipolo, Rizal

On September 11, Philmofo will celebrate its 3rd year with BISAKLAT Project ride – Bisikleta at Aklat a book donation and story-telling activity for 100 preschool aged children in chosen community.

They are looking individuals or institutions to help them out to make this project be executed regularly. Sponsorship/volunteership are still open. For those individual who are interested to donate, please call/text the following

Ride starts at Jollibee, Marcos Hiway at 0530.

Jenny Arce 0908.8752723
Carla Dizon 0922.8476374
Bingle Felizardo 0922.8550209

Facebook Event link is here.

Philmofo XCM MIM 2011

Philmofo XCM MIM 2011

Philmofo XCM MIM 2011

21 August, 2011

Cycle Park, Boso Boso


Registration FeePhp500.00 per head/team member (inclusive of XCM MIM shirt, food and drinks at designated pit stops). The race is open to non-members of the forum.

Online Registration – Registration forms and waivers will posted in Philmofo website soon. For interested participants, please email brusko@philmofo.org. There will be NO on-site registration.

Date of Registration – Deadline of registration is on or before August 17, 2011.

Payment Details – requested to pay as a TEAM for better tracking. Deposit your payments to the following account numbers:

Account Name: Alan David B. Sotelo
Account Number: BDO Savings 5370 114 375
Branch: Rada cor. Dela Rosa St., Makati

Account Name: Meyrick Amadeo Foronda
Account Number: 2815 0073 98
Branch: BPI COngressional Ave, QC
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Philmofo Maarat Rampage



1 May, 2011

This is the way of Philmofo's experienced mountain bikers and moderators welcome the newbies, kids and shy bikers!!! Ride the famous playground in San Mateo, Rizal on 1 May, 2011. For more information, please PM Eskapo and JayCL

Please log on Philmofo as ride rules posted in this link.


13th Tour of the Fireflies

Firefly Brigade


17 April, 2011

Registration fee is Php 75.00 only that will serve as donation to help different advocacy activities of Firefly Brigade. Please register as early as possible because there is no registration on-site. For registration inquiries, please call: 219.4985

Downloadable Registration Form is available.

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Philmofo Gift Giving Ride with Ms. Kara David

On February 26 2011, Kara David, PhilMoFo and Rimpy’s Boys from 199 Offroad House will hold a big gift giving ride for the Aetas.

Ms. Kara David of I-Witness, GMA 7 is joining with her Project Malasakit Staff together with the GMA 7 TV crew to cover the event to be aired on March 2011 over a new program at QTV 11.

There will be around 55 Dumagat families who will benefit from this project.

For your cash donation, please deposit your pledges to:

Mr. Meyrick Amadeo M. Foronda
BPI Savings 2815 0073 98
BPI Congressional Branch

Deadline of cash donation will be on February 11, 2011

In kind donation drop points will be the following contact person and addresses.

Mr. Rommel Eusebio
PhilMoFo Sari-sari Store
28 Road 1 Project 6, QC

Mr. Allan Uy

Trailbreeze Laundry Shop
395 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong (beside Unciano Hospital)

Allterra (Libis Branch)
Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City
Landline: 02.6382075

Allterra (Ortigas Home Depot Branch)
Ortigas, Quezon City
Landline: 02.8718529

Cesar and Vilma Vizcarra Residence
52 Kamagong St Northview 2, Filinvest 2 Batasan Hills QC

Deadline of goods/in kind donation will be on February 18, 2011 to be delivered to Ms. Kara David’s residence.

For complete updates and information please logon to PHILMOFO thread.

Team (of 2) “Tupada” 3-Stage MTB Race

Team John Wilkie will hold another Team of 2 MTB Fun Race and it will be a 3-Stage race.

First Stage
January 23, 2011

Starts at Aling Tina's to Giant via Shotgun
Second Stage
January 29, 2011

Criterium, 30 laps at the Neopolitan Business Park, Fairview
Third Stage
January 30, 2011

Starts at Pisong Kape to Mabitac (View deck) via Jala-jala.


  • Each team made up of 2 bikers.
  • The team’s placing will be based on the last man of the team to cross the finish line.
  • For each stage, points will be given to the teams based on their race placing. 
    • Ex. Stage 1: First place team will get 20 points, Second place gets 18 points, e.t.c.
  • After the completion of the 3 stages, the points garnered by the teams will be totaled and the Team with the most points will be awarded the Grand Prize.
  • Each stage winner will be awarded with a winner-take-all prize.

Entry Fee for each Team will be P100.00 for each stage.

Remember guys, this race is just a fun race. This just for training purposes and will be very informal.

For complete details, please log on to www.PHILMOFO.org or contact Donjie Dormitorio or sign up on FB.

My Bike Fitting

There was one episode in Philmofo shoutbox on inquires about choosing the perfect geometry, particularly, the handlebar and the stem, which would lessen the stresses on long rides.

I was one of those people who experienced these pains especially on my upper back and arms.

At first I thought that the problem was simply due to improper positioning or ‘how I sat,’ but upon listening to the ‘Philmofo Superstars’ share their experiences, I came to understand that there was something in my bike that I needed to change.

Mr.Bruce Munoz, founder of Philmofo, in a way advised us to get a bike fit.’ Well not in those exact words, but more like “Regaluhan ninyo ang mga sarili niyo at mag pa bike fit kayo.”

I noticed that there were a lot of interests in this topic. Questions cropped up left and right which were answered as quickly as the next question came. A good majority of the questions geared towards how to get a bike fit, how much would it cost and more importantly where to get it?

Few days after, I got a forwarded email from a good friend of mine about a brief description of bike fitting.  Comelec Commissioner Atty. Goyo Larazabal who happens to own Bike Town Cyclery aka BTC was quoted:

Bike Fit is important and can make one’s cycling experience enjoyable.

Speaking from experience, Bike Town Cyclery actually uses three fit systems:
1. www.bikefitting.com
2. Bike Fit System of Paul Swift
3. Bike CAD Pro

The fit system used by BTC applies to Road, Tri, MTB and Cross.

I emailed Commissioner Larazabal and requested for an appointment so I could get a bike fit from BTC.

He instructed me the following:

1. Bring your bike/s.
2. Bring the shoes you use in biking (cleat shoes)
3. Bring slippers too if you aren’t already wearing a pair.
4. Wear a sleeveless shirt and cycling shorts for easy measurements and markings.

Atty. Goyo welcomes us in Bike Town and told me I would know if my bike frame is right for my size after getting the bike fit.

The process begins with the introduction to Mang Jun and Elaine.

Elaine asked me to fill up the information sheet before Mang Jun would brief me as to how the whole system works and what procedures we will be doing.

Mang Jun, Bike Town’s head wrench man, checking the information sheet.

The Bike Fitting Tool

The Bike Fitting Tool

Mang Jun taking measurments of my feet to get the proper position of the cleats in my shoes.

Mang Jun put my bike fit measurement in the information sheet then gave it to Ellaine and waited for few minutes and voila! got the size, measurement details and information sheet of the final set-up of my bike.

Mang Jun performed adjustments in my handle bar, saddle and seat post. He told me, I got the right frame but the length of my stem needs to be changed from 50mm to 80mm.

I took my bike for a quick spin around the store after the adjustments were made and it felt great! It just fits better ;-)

Atty. Goyo thanked me for choosing Bike Town Cyclery for my bike fit.

The whole bike fitting process took more or less about an hour. I was relieved to know that I had right bike frame size so I wouldn’t need to change it anytime soon.

I sat on my bike’s saddle when I got home and I realized that at the end of the day… I would still go back to a biker’s basic question. Am I comfortable when I ride my bike? Good thing is that now, my answer is YES.

I would definitely recommend that you get yourself a bike fit even before you try to splurge on your next upgrade or if you plan to buy a new bike or frame in the near future.

So how about you… when will you get yourself a bike fit or have you gotten a bike fit already? Please share your bike fit experiences as well.

Bike Town Cyclery

Bike Town Cyclery

Bike Town Cyclery
2240 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines  1200
Tel: 387.21.73
YM: biketowncyclery
Email: biketowncyclery@gmail.com

Bike Town Cyclery is now a member of NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association), a leading non-profit organization of quality specialty bicycle bike stores in the USA. BTC is the first Asian member of NBDA, signifying BTC’s commitment to raise the level of service to cyclists.

Roof Mounted Bikes is Class 1 Now

Sharing what I read in Facebook and Philmofo.

PNCC finally agrees to drop class 2 charges for roof mounted bikes!

Dear Mr. Deakin,

Thank you for writing to us and calling our attention to the matter of Class 1 vehicles with bicycles mounted on racks. I have instructed our toll plaza personnel to quickly take a picture of the vehicle involved and to classify and charge the vehicle as Class 1. At the end of the teller’s shift, the picture will be used to reconcile the difference between the report of the teller and that of the lane equipment. Our collection system and equipment will be upgraded within this year. The upgrade will include an improvement of the vehicle classification capability.

Please email me if you have any other observations that you would want me to look into.

Ramon M. Borromeo

Skyway O & M Corporation

Read the note in Facebook
Reference: Twitter, Yahoo, Philmofo, Jovan

Livestrong Day Manila Philippines 2010

In cooperation with Ortigas & Co. and Philmofo

October 2nd is LIVESTRONG Day! Attend this LIVESTRONG Day event to show your support, celebrate survivorship and commit to working towards a world without cancer.

LIVESTRONG Jersey 2010 Design

Livestrong Jersey cost Php500.00

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Philmofo XCM Race Results

Results of the 1st Philmofo Cross Country Marathon held last August 29, 2010 at Ampid 1, San Mateo, Rizal.

Philmofo Cross Country Marathon Race Results - Mens

Team Name
2ndCrest Pursuit / Podium Wear A11:59
3rdTrek Expedition12:08
5thGotong Batangas12:52
8thLucky22 13:31
9thJFK Adobo13:36
11thCrest Pursuit / Podium Wear B13:49
12thPMTB Rejects14:25

Philmofo Cross Country Marathan Race Results - Mixed

Team Name
ChampionWet Wet13:51

Philmofo Cross Country Marathan Race Results - Womens

Team Name
ChampionMajor Major Pedal Pushers13:27

Philmofo Wet Look Ride

Bikers on Board

Posting for SuperCat Ferry:

SuperCat Ferry welcomes you!

This confirms our approval on the following:

1. The members of the groups listed below with logos and with bikes on hand, are entitled of 20% discount on regular fare or any prevailing promo fare whichever is lower:

  • PinoyMTBiker or PMTB
  • Tiklop Society of the Philippines
  • Bataan Trail Riders
  • Philippine MountainBike Forum or Philmofo

2.  Foldable bikes are free of charge

3.  Regular size mountain bikes will be charge fifty pesos (P50.00) only one-way.

4.  Loading of bikes are subject to space availability and should be coordinate in advance.

  • if all are foldable bikes – 50 pieces per trip (maximum)
  • if all are regular mountain bike – 20 pieces per trip (maximum)
  • combination of foldable and regular mountain bikes will depend on the number and available space onboard

5.   Granting of privilege will be based on the presentation of group logo/sticker on the bikes.

SuperCat Ferry is looking forward to have you on board our Ships to Bataan and to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro/Batangas and Bacolod/Iloilo


Mr. Shane Arante
SuperCat Ferry Area Manager

Mr. Joseph Rellora
SuperCat Ferry Branch Manager
Date: August 1, 2010

Padyak Maynila Jersey Photo Contest

I’m inviting everyone who has a “Padyak Maynila Jersey” to submit a photo of you wearing the Padyak Maynila Jersey showing off your best funny “talikod” pose to i.am[at]biloggirl.com.

The winner will be announced at Philmofo XCM Race on August 29, 2010.

Deadline of Submission: August 27, 2010
Prize: Php 500 Gift Certificate

Philmofo 5th Newbie Ride

For inquiries contact Beng Javier thru 0908.8863250 or visit Philmofo website