The 21st ComBat Open Mountain and Roadbike Competition

ComBat, Dakbayan and Team Miggys Bike


The 21st ComBat Open Mountain and Roadbike Competition

August 19 and 26, 2012

Cagayan De Oro City

Registration Fee:

Php300 – MTB XC/Road Bike
Php500 – MTB DH

Register at Bikelab
Mobile: 0917.7023707
Landline: (88) 857.1415

Quezon DH Xtreme IV

Quezon DH Xtreme IV

Quezon DH Xtreme IV

October 28, 2012

Tiaong, Quezon

Ride and Rock Relief

DAKILA, YADU & Wow Pinay


Ride and Rock Relief

The Collective, Makati City

December 29, 2011


You are needed to help inspire more people to give donations to victims of Typhoon Sendong this Yuletide Season through the Ride and Rock Relief on 29 December, Yadu & B-Side at The Collective. Facebook event details here.

Dakila, Yadu and Wow Pinay with B-side, The Firefly Brigade, MTB.PH, Folding Bike Pilipinas and Tat-Tulungan will come together for the Ride and Rock Relief (for the Victims of Typhoon Sendong)

Everyone is welcome to participate and do their share.

to gather.
Cyclists will assemble at Yadu Store at 5pm to gather donations.
Ride out at 6:30pm around Makati Area.
To be led by WOW Pinay.
(Route to be announced)

goods needed to participate in any of the events.
Everyone is encouraged to drop off donations at the entrance.

funds through TAT-Tulungan.
Tattoo art sessions starts at 3pm.

to reach out. Gig starts at 8pm onwards.

Performances by:
Johnoy Danao
Miko Pepito
Pochoy Labog
Bloom Brothers
Remix Report
Sandy Baliong
Jeepney Joyride
Abby Asistio
Kitchie Nadal w/ Roar Ministry
Bobby Balingit w/ Planeta Ng Ngiti
and counting…

Reminder: You have to bring in donations to participate in all events: in joining the ride, tattoo sessions or watching the gig.

Yadu bags will offer 40% off on ALL BAGS from which 10% of all sales that night will go to the victims of Sendong.


FBP Group (Folding Bike Pilipinas) has also volunteered to lend a truck to bring all the donations collected that night such as food/clothes/etc. to Dakila Head Quarters in QC.


For participating cyclists, contact Biloggirl of MTB.PH and WOW Pinay 0923.4385388

For volunteers for relief sorting and packing, contact Liryc of Dakila at 0905.4292539

For interested tattoo artists, contact Drei at 0915-3285666 or Karen at 0927-9129559 on or before DEC. 26, 3PM in order to secure a spot at the event. For participating tattoo artists, simply donate Php500 or non-perishable goods to be able to tattoo at the event.

For more info on the event, contact Ayeen at 0917.5057055

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My Bike Fitting

There was one episode in Philmofo shoutbox on inquires about choosing the perfect geometry, particularly, the handlebar and the stem, which would lessen the stresses on long rides.

I was one of those people who experienced these pains especially on my upper back and arms.

At first I thought that the problem was simply due to improper positioning or ‘how I sat,’ but upon listening to the ‘Philmofo Superstars’ share their experiences, I came to understand that there was something in my bike that I needed to change.

Mr.Bruce Munoz, founder of Philmofo, in a way advised us to get a bike fit.’ Well not in those exact words, but more like “Regaluhan ninyo ang mga sarili niyo at mag pa bike fit kayo.”

I noticed that there were a lot of interests in this topic. Questions cropped up left and right which were answered as quickly as the next question came. A good majority of the questions geared towards how to get a bike fit, how much would it cost and more importantly where to get it?

Few days after, I got a forwarded email from a good friend of mine about a brief description of bike fitting.  Comelec Commissioner Atty. Goyo Larazabal who happens to own Bike Town Cyclery aka BTC was quoted:

Bike Fit is important and can make one’s cycling experience enjoyable.

Speaking from experience, Bike Town Cyclery actually uses three fit systems:
2. Bike Fit System of Paul Swift
3. Bike CAD Pro

The fit system used by BTC applies to Road, Tri, MTB and Cross.

I emailed Commissioner Larazabal and requested for an appointment so I could get a bike fit from BTC.

He instructed me the following:

1. Bring your bike/s.
2. Bring the shoes you use in biking (cleat shoes)
3. Bring slippers too if you aren’t already wearing a pair.
4. Wear a sleeveless shirt and cycling shorts for easy measurements and markings.

Atty. Goyo welcomes us in Bike Town and told me I would know if my bike frame is right for my size after getting the bike fit.

The process begins with the introduction to Mang Jun and Elaine.

Elaine asked me to fill up the information sheet before Mang Jun would brief me as to how the whole system works and what procedures we will be doing.

Mang Jun, Bike Town’s head wrench man, checking the information sheet.

The Bike Fitting Tool

The Bike Fitting Tool

Mang Jun taking measurments of my feet to get the proper position of the cleats in my shoes.

Mang Jun put my bike fit measurement in the information sheet then gave it to Ellaine and waited for few minutes and voila! got the size, measurement details and information sheet of the final set-up of my bike.

Mang Jun performed adjustments in my handle bar, saddle and seat post. He told me, I got the right frame but the length of my stem needs to be changed from 50mm to 80mm.

I took my bike for a quick spin around the store after the adjustments were made and it felt great! It just fits better ;-)

Atty. Goyo thanked me for choosing Bike Town Cyclery for my bike fit.

The whole bike fitting process took more or less about an hour. I was relieved to know that I had right bike frame size so I wouldn’t need to change it anytime soon.

I sat on my bike’s saddle when I got home and I realized that at the end of the day… I would still go back to a biker’s basic question. Am I comfortable when I ride my bike? Good thing is that now, my answer is YES.

I would definitely recommend that you get yourself a bike fit even before you try to splurge on your next upgrade or if you plan to buy a new bike or frame in the near future.

So how about you… when will you get yourself a bike fit or have you gotten a bike fit already? Please share your bike fit experiences as well.

Bike Town Cyclery

Bike Town Cyclery

Bike Town Cyclery
2240 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines  1200
Tel: 387.21.73
YM: biketowncyclery

Bike Town Cyclery is now a member of NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association), a leading non-profit organization of quality specialty bicycle bike stores in the USA. BTC is the first Asian member of NBDA, signifying BTC’s commitment to raise the level of service to cyclists. tee!

The complimentary t-shirt is now released. This is designed by Ryan Tipay.